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We are a firm dedicated to providing expert advice and solutions in the field of Digital Forensics. We are backed by years of specialized training and experience in law enforcement, criminal prosecutions, and the private sector.

We operate both in Canada and the United States.

Our Services

Remote Forensic Analysis

We can remote into your work environment and analyze forensic images or files and provide detailed reports including:

  • Timeline analysis
  • Recover deleted files
  • Recover application history

Specialized Training

We can use your Organization’s own software and are proficient with the following tools:

  • Encase
  • Cellebrite
  • Xry
  • FTK
  • IEF

Prosecutions and Depositions

We can examine the analysis of a Forensic Examiner and provide further expert analysis if required.

We can also provide expert testimony if needed.

Our Partners

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